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Categories > MICHIGAN > Need Picked Up in Michigan > Item # 1075781130

Ad #1075781130
Need towed/hauled 1981 S1854 IH Box truck

Shipping Ad Description
Target Price: 500.00 Destination State: Michigan
Username: Salman
My Location: Penetanguishene MI 4567 Condition of Item: Good
Phone: 705 549-7294 Shipping Terms: C.O.D.
Ad Posted: Wed Aug 06, 10:05 PM Ad Expires: Runs Until Sold
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User Salman assumes all responsibility for the listing and deleting of this ad.
Currency is U.S.

Need a 1981 IH S1854 Box truck towed/hauled to Penetanguishene Ontario Canada. I can meet at the Port Huron border and take care of all customs paperwork myself. It is approx. a 650 mile trip. Please let me know how much. Flexable delivery date. Thanks. Greg Bush

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